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Escort Cabriolet Club

    Fuel pump

    By Emrb,
    Didn’t really know where to post this so sorry if it’s the wrong place. i have bought a fuel pump, when removing the old one there  is an elbow / L shape pipe to join back to my cabriolet. however the knew one doesn’t have any fittings and I’m unsure what I need as I’ve looked with no joy.  There is a red and white cap under the car and the same ones  ontop of the fuel pump itself.  Any help would be greatly appreciated     

    Temp gauge not working

    By kevscab,
    Hi all.  Had my clocks out the other day and now the temp gauge is off the scale and won't work.  How do these work? Is there a seoerate plug behind the clocks for the temp gauge or are they connected in the main loom? It could be from under the bonnet too as I've been messing around there too lol  Car is 90 xr3i efi engine.  Thanks in advance all 

    Mk5 escort Intake

    f40 cab
    By f40 cab,
    Hi everyone. On mk5 escort 1.8 the two pipes that come out the efi intake manifold where do they go. It's the 2 vacume pipes next to intake temp sensor on underside.of efi intake.